Loveth had a dream. She has been hoping for an opportunity for a long time! Going to Europe and being an international seamstress. Then someone offered to pay for her trip to her dream career, that she would repay with her future earnings. This is usually how most of Human Trafficking stories start.

Do you know what comes next?

In Nigeria: voodoo. “They cut me all over my body. They cut my hair, they cut my nails. They took off my panties. In that moment, I thought I was going to die.”

In Europe, forced prostitution and a 50.000 euros debt. Always watched and controlled. They hurt you, they call you bitch and whore and the madame says this is your work and you should be grateful to be alive. And that if you do not pay her back your debt, she will kill you. And the men bargain: 20, 10 even 5 euros.

“I feel dirty, I am ashamed of myself. My life is not mine anymore… The first times, I felt so much pain…”

“I feel like I am worthless”…”I want to die right now”…”Every time I go to bed I have the same dream over and over: I dream that I am dead, I dream about graves and lots of blood. I close my eyes and I see all of that.”