PHIT Final Conference took place on November 29th and 30th in Barcelona. During this two-day event, partners presented the final results of the analyses and studies carried out during the project, while engaging with the audience through debate and questions. They also presented for the first time the practical tools that they created for guiding the professionals interventions and interactions with the victims in terms of psychological evaluation and care, security and training.

After the conference, three specialized workshops were organized to deepen the knowledge gathered during the project and offer guidance to professionals and experts who directly work with victims, in order to better take into account their psychological condition and tailor their intervention on those psychological aspects.

The practical information as well as the Powerpoint presentations and the video footage of the conference are made available below. All reports and newspaper articles on the conferences are also listed in the “about the conference” section.

The results of the PHIT Project will be published on this page:

Thursday 29th November 2018 – first part (morning):

Thursday 29th November 2018 – second part (afternoon):

Friday 30th November 2018:

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General summary of the conferences (available in Spanish)

Thursday 29th November 2018

Hearing of victims of trafficking taking into account PHIT: Leyla Khadraoui University of Tilburg

Study of the immediate impact of THB for sexual exploitation from a psychiatric perspective: Mar Ramos Gascon Hospital Vall d’Hebron

The experience of relevant stakeholders: results of the focus groups and interviews carried out during the project

The consequences of the psychological impact of THB for sexual exploitation on legal proceedings: results of the analysis of proceedings in Spain and in the Netherlands

The consequences of the psychological impact of THB for sexual exploitation on immigration files processings: results of the analysis of residency permits based on personal situation requests: Markus González Beilfuss University of Barcelona

The consequences of the psychological impact of THB for sexual exploitation on the States’ international obligations: Conny Rijken University of Tilburg


Friday 30th November 2018

Participation and integration of the project results in the NGO’s interventions

Practical results of PHIT Project: tools to address the psychological impact of human trafficking for sexual exploitation


Television reports:


[Catalan] Radio RAC1 

Newspaper article

Tràfic de dones: fugir d’una violència per patir-ne d’altres, German Aranda – Diari ARA:

Credit: Quepo and University of Barcelona